The Guide to the Domestic Relations Trial Court

Volume 10, Issue 4, June 2019

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#1 Hon. Rene Cruz  Kane County

Monthly Maintenance of $23,000 17 D 734    

(W) – Michael Lodermeier   (H) –  Gregory Maksimuk, Ishita Saran  

#2 Hon. Jeanne Cleveland Bernstein  Cook County

Maintenance Cut Off   07 D 230009

     (W) – James Teich    (H) – Michael Alvarado

#3 Hon. Karen M. Wilson  DuPage County

Parenting Time Stabilized 17 MR 132  

      (M) – Maureen Sullivan Taylor    (F) – Eva W. Tameling   (GAL) Susan Alvarado  

#4 Hon. Matthew Link  Cook County

     Percentage Maintenance Award Appropriate  16 D 7234

      (H) David M. Goldman   (W) Shanna F. Purcell

#5 Hon. D. Christopher Lombardo  Lake County

Pre-Nuptial Agreement Upheld  18 D 1416 

(W) – James M. Quigley, Shana L. Vitek, Jordan D. Rosenberg    (H) – Eric L. Shulman, Kimberly J. Furrer

#6 Hon. Timothy J. McJoynt  DuPage County

Stock Plans Split 60/40 In Favor of Husband 17 D 1685

(W) – Juli A. Gumina    (H) – Robin R. Miller

#7 Hon. Linda E. Davenport  DuPage County

Failure to Transfer Stock Contemptuous  12 D 2312  

 (W) – Eva W. Tameling    (H) – David H. Levy


#8 Hon. Timothy P. Murphy Cook County

Daycare Expenses Constitute Dissipation 16 D 11459  

(W) – Pro Se    (H) – Mary Katherine Avery    (GAL) Daryl Apperton

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