The Guide to the Domestic Relations Trial Court

Volume 11, Issue 6, August 2020


#1 Hon. William S. Boyd  Cook County

   True Name of Father Revealed 20 D 79479

     (M) – Enrico J. Mirabelli, Jonathan D. Steele   (F) – Nanette A. McCarthy, Elizabeth A. Cervone

#2 Hon. Timothy J. McJoynt DuPage County

    Husband’s Deceit Thwarted 13 D 2091

      (W) –   William J. Arendt, Jacqueline Tufo     (H) –  Amil Alkass  

#3 Hon. Mary S. Trew Cook County

     Father Remained Residential Parent Despite Move to New York 15 D 6099

      (P) – Marjie M. Nielsen        (F) – Gwendolyn J. Sterk  (GAL) Steven E. Wasko

#4 Hon. David E. Haracz Cook County

    Alternative Relief Denied 08 D 2844

(W) –  Sean M. Hamann, Paul J. Bargiel   (H) – Jay D. Stein

#5 Hon. Edward A. Arce  Cook County

     Sale of Home Enjoined 19 D 7278

     (W) – David M. Stein         (H) – Jessica B. Interlandi, Tanya J. Stanish

#6 Hon. Debra B. Walker  Cook County

  Jurisdiction Lacking   20 D 00680

(W) – Sheryl R. Ghezzi       (H) – Jaclyn DeSana, Aurelija Fitzpatrick

Appellate Review:

#7 Hon. Karen M. Wilson App (2nd) 191117-U

   Parenting Time Stabilized”

    (Appellee) – Emily Carrara, Maureen Sullivan-Taylor           (Appellant) – Eva M. Tameling

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