The Guide to the Domestic Relations Trial Court

Volume 11, Issue 12, February 2021


#1 Hon. Abbey Fishman Romanek  Cook County

“Long Arm Jurisdiction” Upheld 18 D 6419

     (W) –  Stephen R. Botti  (W) – Steven H. Klein

#2 Hon. Jeffrey L. Hirsch McHenry County

    Judgment Entered Over Objection 20 DV 732

      (W) –   Elizabeth Felt Wakeman   (H) –  Peter J. Shayman, Andrey B. Filipowicz

#3 Hon. Regina A. Scannicchio  Cook County

     Suburb Residence Preferred  17 D 80489

      (M) – Howard H. Rosenfeld, Shaska R. Dice  (F) – David M. Stein, Kayta C. Fuentes, Mereditch C. Janes

       (GAL) – P. Lynn Wypych  

#4 Hon. Elizabeth Loredo-Rivera  Cook County

Mother in Contempt 16 D 5844

(M) –  Joseph P. O’Brien  (F) – Rebecca L. Zeilenga    (CR) – Matthew A. Kirsh

#5 Hon. Edward A. Arce Cook County

     Wife to Pay Maintenance 20 D 198

    (H) – Catherine M. Byrne  (W)  – Matthew A. Kirsh

  Appellate Review:

#6 Hon. David E. Haracz 2021 App (1st)  191732

     Maintenance Redirected”

    (Appellee) – Annette M. Fernholz              (Appellant) – Robert C. Sheridan

  Appellate Review:

#7 Hon. Charles W. Smith 2021 App (2nd) 200552

     “Relocation Denied but Door Left Open”

    (Appellee) – No Brief Filed  

     (Appellant) – Lena Goretsky Winters, David Winters, Andrew Foreman, Bide Akande

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