The Guide to the Domestic Relations Trial Court

Volume 2, Number 3, May, 2011



#1 Hon. Timothy McJoynt DuPage County

(W) - Vincent Ruggiero (H) - William Clark


#2 Hon. John Thomas Carr Cook County

Frugal Lifestyle Rewarded 09 D 8375
(W) - Michael Powers  (H) - Julie Katz


#3 Hon. David Brodsky Lake County

$4 Million, $10K Maintenance to Wife 08 D 1138
(W) - Steven Lake, Heather M. Nosko (H) - Kendrick L. Scott


#4 Hon. Lisa Ruble-Murphy Cook County

Forum-Shopper Stuck in Illinois 10 D 09721
(W) - Paul Feinstein  (H) - Vincent Stark, Jami M. Buzinski

#5 Hon. Jeanne ReynoldsCook County

Equal Division, Dissipation Unproven, Maintenance Reserved 09 D 230137
(W) - Nanette A. McCarthy   (H) - John E. Witanen


#6 Hon. Brian McKillip DuPage County

Dissipation of $213,962, Bogus Family Partnership 09 D 758
(W) - Stephen R. Botti  (H) - Eva Tameling


#7 Hon. Robert Brumund Will County

Illinois Prevails Over India in Jurisdictional Dispute 09 D 452

(W) - John D'Arco, Jared Pinkus (H) - Timothy Daw


#8 Hon. Kathleen Kennedy Cook County

Property Remains Non-Marital Despite Parties’ Use of Joint Funds 08 D 3581
(W) - Jay L. Miller   (H) - Robert J. McNish


#9 Hon. Veronica Mathein Cook County

Sexual Abuse Allegations Boomerang 08 D 430330
(W) - Djuana O'Connor Oshin   (H) - Pro Se

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