The Guide to the Domestic Relations Trial Court

Volume 3, Issue 4, June, 2012

Volume 3, Issue 4, June, 2012



#1 Hon. Rodney Equi DuPage County

Critique on Dissipation Criteria 10 D 623

(W) – William J. Scott, Jr.     (H) – William G. Clark, Jr.

#2 Hon. Timothy P. Murphy Cook County

Marriage Ruled Invalid 07 D 31154

(W) – Pro-se     (H) – Pro-se

#3 Hon. Pamela Loza Cook County

Maintenance at 35% of Income in 38 Year Marriage 09 D 0000
(W) – Maol Murray Sloan, Jacqueline N. Stephens, David Kwait    (H) – Meighan A. Harmon, Jason N. Sposeep

#4 Hon. Nancy Katz Cook County

Equitable Adoption Illusory 10 D 9394
(W) – Enrico Mirabelli     (F) – Andrew Eichner

#5 Hon. Celia G. Gamrath Cook County

Obstructive Motion Forfeits Custody 05 D 052335
(W) –Anthony J. Peraica  (H) – Gail O’Connor

#6 Hon. Mark Lopez Cook County

Visitation Termination 00 D 6472
(M) – Frances H. Krasnow     (F) – Pro-se

#7 Hon. John Thomas Carr Cook County

Change of Judges for Cause 07 D 80314 

(M) – James Michael Geraghty    (F) – Kimberly J. Anderson      (C) Stephen Komie

#8 Hon. Mark J. Lopez Cook County

Filing Failure Precludes Arrearages 93 D 1242
(W) – Everett A. Braden     (H) – George Sarolas

#9 Hon. Daniel Miranda Cook County

No Maintenance in 8 Year Marriage 09 D4 30428

(W) – Vincent Ruggiero     (H) – William Llyod

#10 Hon. Andrea M. Schleifer Cook County

Income Documentation Lacking 08 D 279033

(M) – M. Scott Gordon     (H) – Evan James Mammas

Appellate Review:

#11 Hon. John Thomas Carr Cook  County

Mother’s Difficulties Support Removal Affirmed 2/03/2012      No. 1-12-112801-U


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