The Guide to the Domestic Relations Trial Court

Volume 8, Issue 1, March 2017


#1 Hon. Joseph V. Salvi Lake County

Seven Year Maintenance Extension 05 D 2240

(W) – Lawrence W. Byrne    (H) – Ilene B. Goldstein  

#2 Hon. Joseph V. Salvi Lake County

Maintenance Modification Denied 06 D 577

(W) – Lawrence S. Starkopf    (H) – Robert S. Kipnis

#3 Hon. Neal W. Cerne DuPage County

Maintenance Despite Alcoholism 15 D 2614   

(W) – Pro Se    (H) – David W. Daudell

#4 Hon. John T. Carr Cook County

Disgorgement Denied 13 D 7228  

(W) – James B. Pritikin    (H) – William G. Clark, Jr.    

#5 Hon. William S. Boyd Cook County

California Legal Separation Judgment Valued and Enforceable 15 D 7885

(W) – Marie C. Fahnert    (H) – Michael E. Powers

#6 Hon. David E. Haracz Cook County

Permanent Maintenance to Husband 13 D 10549

(W) – Maol Murray Sloan, Conor E. Malloy    (H) – Catherine M. Byrne  

#7 Hon. Nancy J. Katz Cook County

Additional Five Years of Maintenance 06 D 10039

(W) – Nichole M. Capraro, Nika M. Giuliano    (H) – Gregory C. Maksimuk, Evan D. Whitfield

#8 Hon. Regina A. Scannicchio Cook County

Retained Earnings Shared 13 D 1101   

(W) – Mitchell B. Gordon    (H) – Donald J. Angelini, Jr.  

Appellate Review:

#9 Hon. Edward A. Arce Cook County

Sexual Abuse Charges Unsupported 2017 IL App (1st) 161906-U  

      (M) – Lawrence W. Byrne, Michael I. Bender (F) – Stuart I. Gordon, Maureen A. Mitchel (CR)- Gloria E. Block 

#10 Hon. Timothy J. McJoynt DuPage County

Duped Wife Recovers $282,000 2017 IL App (2d) 151276-U 

(W) – Jeffrey W. Brend    (H) – Brian J. Hurst   

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