The Guide to the Domestic Relations Trial Court

Volume 8, Issue 9, November 2017

#1 Hon. Neal W. Cerne DuPage County

Abuse Allegations Unsupported 10 D 2475  

(M) – David A. King    (F) – Thomas G. Kenny  

#2 Hon. David B. Atkins Cook County

Declaratory Judgment Fails 15 CH 8980

(W) – Thomas J. Nitschke    (H) – Steven S. Russo, Sheryl Rae Ghezzi    

#3 Hon. Edward A. Arce Cook County

Maintenance Reduced Upon Remand 10 D 1743      

(W) – Lynn A. Cohen, Linda S. Kagan    (H) – Jay A. Frank, Julie A. Johnson

#4 Hon. John J. Demling DuPage County

Maintenance Extended But Not Increased 11 D 747    

(W) – Dion U. Davi    (H) – Eva W. Tameling   

#5 Hon. Renee G. Goldfarb Cook County

New Child Support Statute Not in Play 12 D 8042

(W) – Ross S. Levey    (H) – Rachel A. Boehm        

#6 Hon. Regina A. Scannicchio Cook County

Cross Dissipation Claims Denied 10 D 11258     

(W) – Thomas T. Boundas    (H) – Todd E. Feiwell, Rachel A. Zordani    

#7 Hon. Timothy P. Murphy Cook County

No Sale 11 D 1920   

(W) – James B. Pritikin, Justino L. Mirabelli    (H) – Todd E. Feiwell      

#8 Hon. Neal W. Cerne DuPage County

Overnight Visitation with Infant Deferred 17 D 007

(W) – Patrick B. Hurley    (H) – Al-Haroon Bin Asad Husain 

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